The Way Booking a Session with Los Angeles Domme Vita Works


I guess I need to be more explicit about what I'm all about. Trying to book a session with Me can be very easy, or it can be very hard -- if you make it that way.


Respect: I treat everyone with respect. The man behind the counter at the DMV. The hired lady handing Me a towel in the public bathroom. That means everyone. I treat My slaves with respect. Treat Me with respect and the doors will open for you. Do not, and I will block you. 


What respect means: 

No late-night sessions without 24 hour notice.

No late-night calls or texts. 

Late-night emails ok for future session requests.

When I say I'm not available, I mean it. 

Book as far in advance as you can.

Don't text Me too often. 

Send tribute if you want to take up a lot of My time. It's not obnoxious of Me to ask for it. It's respectful of Myself and My time. 

Don't be casual with Me EVER. I'm not your friend or girlfriend. I am a Dominatrix. Say please, thank you and phrase sentences as questions: May I...

My rate is My rate.

Don't ask for Me to do "extras" without proper tributing.


My rules:

I am pretty available 10am-5pm. Depending where I deem it best to meet you dictates how available I am and if I require a deposit. 

When I do require a deposit it is not to swindle you but to make sure we're on the same page about meeting, since I will often be driving up to an hour each way to meet you.

Asking for a reference is not going to anger the last Dominant you sessioned with. This is common practice. If she's a professional, she will be readily eager to send along a good word about your behavior in session with her. If you don't want to be candid about who you've sessioned with in the past, this is a red flag for me. 

When I say I'm not available, that means I'm really not available. So no, not even for 15 minutes or for double the tribute will I be able to session with you. I am busy, just like I said.

If I say I can only text, that means I can only text. It means that I am someplace or with someone who is not comfortable with me speaking on the phone to you about a session with me, and therefore I can only text. 



I am who I purport to be. I do not post false images, and the most recent images you see on this site have been shot in the last few months, even in the last day. I am sorry you've had bad experiences in the past but I will not send you a selfie to prove how I look. This is how I look. 

If we agree on a particular activity, we will engage in that activity. If you request my feet be dirty, they will be dirty. If I say I have a piece of equipment, I have that piece of equipment. If I say I have experience in a certain BDSM field, then I do have experience. I have probably been doing this for a lot longer than you. I am an experienced BDSM player. Read my reviews. Please do your due diligence to vet me before you call as I will do mine to vet you afterward. 


Who I session with:

Men who appear to be safe and sane. 

Men who conduct themselves in a mature manner. 

Men who are respectful in all correspondence with me and in how they present themselves to me in person. 

Men who are respectful of my time. 

I am very personable, and you might think I want to date you, but I don't. I'm very picky about who I date. I can assure you that I don't have a crush on you, and I don't care how good-looking you think you are, or even if I find you handsome. You are a slave to me. Nothing more. 

I do not date clients. 

I do not go to dinner without tribute.

You will not clean my house without first sessioning with me, and probably not after that either unless you offer tribute.

Unless you can offer me something that greatly benefits my life, you will not step into the same room with me without offering tribute. 

I can drive myself, thank you very much.

No, I don't want a massage from you. I have a girl who does that.

No, I don't offer 15 minute sessions. 

I do offer half-hour sessions but only in one location. If you can only afford to session with me for a half-hour that must be agreed on before. Otherwise I only offer sessions for one hour and up. Extended and overnight sessions are available with tribute that reflects the time spent together and prior arrangement.

I am usually not free weekend nights. I have an active social life and want to enjoy what this city has to offer. 

I can sometimes be booked weekend days, but last minute notice is usually frowned upon. 

I don't answer social media DMs. Craft an intelligent email and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience, which is usually quite quickly. 

I keep logs of all my correspondence whether you've ever showed up or not. I have evidence of how many times you've called or texted and whether you've shown up or not. I have an almost photographic memory as it is. Save us both trouble by being honest about who you are. If I block you, do not call me back on another number. I have blocked you for a reason. In closing, if you are respectful, sincere and generous with me, you may just find yourself lucky enough to be in the position of the man in the photo above. 


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