Spoil Mistress Vita

I sometimes think that just as men need a dating guide to get their shit together to attract a woman in the vanilla world, there should also be a guide as to how to capture your Mistress's attention as a sub. I can only speak for Myself, but let Me paint you a picture. On any given day, you drop $5 at Starbucks. Then you drop $15 for your shitty lunch at work. you get some beers after work: $20. That's $40 you've spent on any given day, not including gas and groceries. I'm just talking about the dollars you spend here and there for things that are not life's necessities,but that you want because this is what it is to live in the modern world. So why is it so difficult to purchase a little something off your Mistress's gift list every so once in a while? Do a 15 minute Skype session with Me. I ask for so little and still so many of you whine about the price. 


Let Me shed some light on what Mistresses are like. We like money. We like to know that We are on your minds. We like little remembrances of how awesome We are. if you spoil Us, you'll get what you want too. To feel under Our control. To witness Our beauty. To experience Our strength. And with this pittance, We will come to trust you as a good slave. When you write to Us out of the blue, We will be more apt to answer your text. I, Myself, will share some texts or have a phone chat with you because I know that you are a slave who is worth My time. I won't watch the clock so much when W/we session together either because I know you're not a complete cheapskate. For a small investment let's say once a month (though hopefully more!) you can reap the benefits of My good graces. 


It's that easy. Worship. Tribute. Repeat. And the door will open to My world. 


Just look at the gifts I received this week: three pairs of shoes from a worthy slave. Now this slave won't get blocked or blacklisted when he contacts Me. I am more apt to chat with him, not cut him off like I would other slaves. So go to My tribute page and purchase something off My wish list. What are you waiting for. Do. It. Now. 





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October 8, 2018

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