Intense Torture and Objectification Session in Los Angeles

April 26, 2018


It's not often that I get to torture and degrade a male to My satisfaction. Too often as a pro, I find Myself having to take on the role of the "flexible" Domme, and the fact of the matter is that I don't like that. I love a session that invigorates Me instead of drains My energy. Well, that was the kind of session I had last evening. The slave in question doesn't have a name. In fact there is no pronoun involved with this thing. It is, in fact, an IT. An object for My amusement. It doesn't even deserve to be referred to as human. In fact, I care about pigs much more than I do this thing. Pigs are sweet and smart, and this thing smelled and was sweaty. It also showed up late, so I was forced to use several different implements to punish it. The problem was, late at night, I can't make a lot of noise, so I am forced to use implements that don't make a loud slapping sound but which are typically more painful. As such, I must always gag My slave so that he doesn't out. I gagged it, then used My single-tail whip on it. I left deep, red marks all over its buttocks. I wasn't satisfied though. I needed MORE. I used My cane on it. When I had left more marks, I moved on to my curtain rod. Who knew that when My curtain rod broke it would make a perfect torture implement. It also had to be shackles, both by its wrists and ankles. I hooded it at one point. There were several activities that for privacy sake, I will not mention, but they were degrading activities and it refused them. Out came the cane again, and the whip and the rod. If I am refused one activity, which as a Domme, I do not like, I will reciprocate with another activity that while perhaps less degrading will prove more painful. I felt happy and energized afterward. The slave was not allowed eye contact with Me, or to speak, so it was nice not having to waste My energy speaking with it, or to have it looking at Me with its lascivious glance. What a lovely session. Hopefully in reading this I will gain more slaves of this ilk. 

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