Two Good Reasons to See a Professional Los Angeles Dominatrix

I get it: It's hot to have some young, cute thing try to dominate you, even if she is floundering with the devices and committing all kinds of SM faux-pas that you never would be suffering had you decided to call a Pro. But live and learn. I am the One you call when you've offered tribute for an hour only to have it cut short after twenty minutes. I am the One who will understand the best way to get into your complex mind because I don't have a one-size fits all style of dominating, which pretty much consists of barking orders at you. 


Not Me. I have respect for the years of work that go into becoming a skilled Dominatrix because I've paid My dues. I've spent the countless hours honing My craft, which brings Me to My first reason to see a Professional Dominatrix.


1. She has experience. 


A Professional Dominatrix is dominating men every day. She has the chops to actually provide a session where the Top and the bottom are having fun. She has practiced her aim with the single-tail whip. She won't batter your kidneys and She won't wrap your sides with Her cane. She intuitively knows how far to push your limits because She has done this before with many subs. She knows always to respect your hard limits. She realizes that successful SM play rests on being sane and consensual. She has worked out all her kinks (pun intended) in Her play style on other slaves during Her apprenticeship days, so now all you have to do is to wow Her with your willingness to submit to Her and make Her happy. 


2. She is... professional. 


Redundant as it is, a Pro is professional. She is punctual to the session, and is respectful of your time and interests. I, for one, carefully craft each session to My sub's specific needs. This isn't because I am really a submissive or I let men top from the bottom: I do this because this is the best way to harness total control. I would never bark orders at a submissive who needs to be playfully eased into his subspace. I would never torture a slave who is controlled best through humiliation. I would never tie up a slave who is really best dommed as My foot-licker. A Pro will also save you the drama. you can engage in your discreet interests without Her expecting anything more. Of course Pros and their subs often have deep relationships, but this is something that is created over time. 


Check back soon for more reasons to see a Professional Los Angeles Dominatrix.




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October 8, 2018

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